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Dirac Live Room Correction Suite (Processor)Processor is silent
Dirac Live Room Correction Suite (Processor)

Dirac Live Room Correction Suite (Processor)

Processor is silent

Try this solution

Make sure your settings are correct

If the Processor is still silent, open Control Center → Sound or Audio MIDI Setup and select your desired output device as sound output.

Using the volume keys or slider, turn the volume up for the output device. The volume level here becomes the maximum level that Processor can utilize.

For example, if Realtek USB2.0 Audio is your desired output device then you will select this as output in Control Center and turn the volume to 60%. When you activate the Processor (by switching the system output to Dirac Virtual Audio Device), it can only output 60% volume at max. Pushing the Realtek output to 100% means that Processor can output 100% at max.

To reactivate the processor, switch output back to Dirac Virtual Audio via Control Center → Sound or Audio MIDI Setup.

Adjust volume as desired using the volume keys or slider.

Another solution would be to check the "Global Settings" of the Dirac Processor, accessable through the top left menu. Make sure the option "Bypass when render" is NOT selected. This is a solution which often helps Audirvana to have audio playing.

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