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Dirac Live Room Correction Suite (Processor)Dirac Live 2.1.1 Software Changelog
Dirac Live Room Correction Suite (Processor)

Dirac Live Room Correction Suite (Processor)

Dirac Live 2.1.1 Software Changelog


  • Application feedback during boot
    Splash screen added at start-up to indicate that the application is loading.

  • Speaker groups are named and numbered.
    Speaker groups having names makes the relation between menu option and group affected clearer when saving and loading target curves.


  • Difficult to see text files containing saved target curves
    The Load Target Curve dialogue now shows .txt files by default alongside those with .targetcurve extension.

  • Enabling a filter from the sidebarThe filter section of the sidebar has been redesigned with less ambiguous icons.

  • Improved filter export step
    The filter export interface has been made more instructive and is clear about that a slot must be selected before exporting to the device.


  • Application handles the situation of loading a project saved under a different configuration and displays an error.

  • Fixed readability issue with the Hertz limits in Filter Design were difficult to see for certain colours.

  • The headers in Filter Design’s options box are more readable.

  • The warning message about missing microphone when loading a project is no longer an error dialogue.

  • Filter is now automatically recalculated after loading a target curve.

  • Multiple confirmations for the same microphone has been joined to only one message.

  • Crash when removing mic in loaded project and using the arrows to go back to previous application steps fixed.

  • Fix for Qt bug where macOS version of program crashes on start.

  • Fixed issue where a blank space before or after username made it impossible to log in.

  • Fixed issue with pink noise continued playing when proceeding from Volume Calibration to Select Arrangement without pressing stop

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