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Dirac Live Room Correction Suite (Processor)"Cannot control the Dirac Live Processor" or "Unexpected program state" Error
Dirac Live Room Correction Suite (Processor)

Dirac Live Room Correction Suite (Processor)

"Cannot control the Dirac Live Processor" or "Unexpected program state" Error

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Check for issues with the Dirac Processor

You may receive an error message that reads "Cannot control the Dirac Live Processor." There are a few different causes to this issue, but it is often easily fixed.

This can happen when there is no sound stream open inside the Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) or plug-in host where the Dirac Processor is running. Gaps in playback for the sound stream (like when a song ends) can also lead to stutters or problems reading the stream.

Follow the step by step guide to troubleshoot this issue.


Restart the program

Restart the DAW or plug-in host where the Dirac Processor lives, as well as the Dirac Live app.


Update the firmware

Update the firmware on your hardware device.

We suggest doing this because finding the error "device has invalid filter topology" in the logs suggests an old firmware.


Match your channel configuration to the Diract Processor.

Make sure your channel configuration ( Speaker setup) matches with your Dirac Processor.

Example: if you got 5.1 system or a 2.0 system, Dirac must have the same.


Recalibrate the Processor

Start your DAW and locate the audio plugin in the plugin menu. You might need to go through additional steps to activate the plugin, depending on your DAW.

Log in to your Dirac account if not already signed in.

Press the “play” button in your DAW to ensure that the audio stream is active while connected with the calibration tool. Be sure to have content playing back inside your DAW or plug-in host when opening the Dirac Processor and Dirac Live app.
* We also offer a gapless 30 minute .mp3 that can be used to keep the sound stream open for the duration of calibration.


Change the DAW

See whether a different DAW allows communication between the Processor and Dirac Live.

Run the measurement and filter export process in this second DAW and use the filters in your primary DAW. (Filters are saved on a per-computer basis and are usable between instances of the Processor.)

  • Some DAWs require specific ports to be open for proper operation. Enter your network/firewall/router settings and open the port required by the application.

    • JRiver: Port 11113


Reboot your device

If the problem recurs after a software restart and when the sound stream is guaranteed open, try rebooting your device and reconnecting input/output cables.

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