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Dirac LiveProblems seeing Dirac-enabled devices
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Problems seeing Dirac-enabled devices

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Make sure the devices are on the same network

You may sometimes have a problem seeing Dirac-enabled devices, like AVRs or the Dirac Live Processor, inside the Dirac Live application. "No devices found" shows in the "Select device" screen. This is usually caused by a problem with communication inside your home network.

*First of all, make sure that the AVR is updated with the latest firmware version.

*Please make sure the AVR and your computer are on the same network, and the same "subnet" of the network. This can be achieved by connecting both the AVR and the computer to the router with LAN network cables. If one device is on wifi and the other on LAN cable, they might be placed on different subnets. And if they are, the connection will not work. In theory, connecting the AVR and computer to the same router through wifi should work as well.

*You could also try to setup your smartphone or computer as an "Internet Hot Spot", sharing the existing internet connection. Connecting to the AVR through this smartphone or laptop Hot Spot might do the trick. If so, there is some kind of trouble with the router or any other network related devices within your setup.

*A "full power cycle" might do the trick as well. Unplug the power cable of the AVR and wait for one or two minutes, then power back on again. If applicable, log out/in of the Dirac Live software as well.

*If you're on Mac, make sure "Lockdown mode" is not active.

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