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Dirac LiveDirac Crash Mac Mini M1
Dirac Live

Dirac Live

Dirac Crash Mac Mini M1

Description of problem

Customer got a new Mac Mini M1 and installed Dirac with this setup:

Program version: 3.0.14 (609-dd6be190)
OS: macOS 10.16
CPU architecture: x86_64

This error was shown as well: "Dirac Live quit unexpectedly" after 5-6 seconds after starting the application, Dirac Logo 3 comes up and then goes away.

Also the Apple app "Color Sync Utility" didnt work anymore so maybe this is related ( crash log for Color sync tool is attached)

miniDSP Flex screen and version from the customer. miniDSP Flex DL v.1.16 Firmware 1.25

Customer updated computer to:

Program version: 3.3.3 (907-036bcab8)
OS: macOS 12.6
CPU architecture: x86_64

Program version: 3.3.3 (907-036bcab8)
OS: macOS 13
CPU architecture: x86_64

No change or success to start the application

Crash dumps:

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