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Dirac LiveI cannot complete the measurement process due to "imprecise measurements" or too low gain levels.
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I cannot complete the measurement process due to "imprecise measurements" or too low gain levels.

If you're seeing a warning about "imprecise measurements", or that the microphone is picking up a very low gain, here is a list of general tips and tricks which has helped other end users in the same situation.

  • Make sure the microphone has been granted permission to be used by Dirac Live (this is the first and most important thing to check for Mac users). macOS System Preferences => Security & Privacy => Microphone => Dirac Live => ON

  • If applicable, use another USB port for the mic (some USB ports handle audio better than others).

  • Try to go through the calibration/measurement process without loading the calibration file of the microphone.

  • Make sure the computer is not running any other heavy tasks while using Dirac Live.

  • Insert the laptop charger cable before doing the measurement process.

  • Turn off "enhanced sound" (any kind of spatial experience enhancing etc) in Win/Mac sound/audio settings.

  • Do not use any filter settings such as a HPF or LPF for your speakers, as this will remove important audio data from the measurement process.

  • Mac silicon users should turn off "Voice Isolation" and select "Standard" instead. This option can be found in the top right row of icons whenever Dirac Live is being used. More info about this feature:

  • Try to connect the microphone through a powered USB extension cable (not a USB hub).

  • Retry a measurement point a few times.

  • Change USB cables.

  • Change mic and/or audio cables.

  • Try another computer.

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