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Dirac Live Bass ControlDirac Live 3.7.2 Software Changelog
Dirac Live Bass Control

Dirac Live Bass Control

Dirac Live 3.7.2 Software Changelog


  • Error messages and error codes are now more user-friendly and support-friendly.

  • Server sessions have been improved to avoid calculation timeout and Dirac Live project deadlock.

  • It is no longer possible (and should not be) to set BM/BC crossover frequencies beyond the allowed range in the Filter Design view.

  • The end-user license agreement (EULA) has been updated.


  • Fixed a bug where Dirac Live crashed when getting invalid filter slot data from the connected device.

  • The Dirac Live RC filter export only enabled one subwoofer output on some BC-capable devices. It now enables all configured subs.

  • Fixed a bug where the error message on connection failure was missing the device name.

  • The “Dirac Live 3” splash screen seen from the Dirac account login view is now shown without the discontinued “3”.

  • Fixed a bug where missing filter slot info from the connected device was causing Dirac Live to crash.

  • Fixed a bug where the ART option was invisible in the Filter Design view when it should just be grayed out (when loading a project with imprecise sweet spot measurement).

  • Fixed a bug where the Dirac Live GUI was not showing when used on PCs with some specific graphic drivers.

  • Fixed a bug where there was an inconsistency between the Measurements UI saying the measurement is imprecise and the Filter Design still attempting to correct the impulse response with the imprecise data.

  • Fixed an issue where the frequency curtain’s and the Fsiso line’s labels could sometimes overlap in the ART Filter Design UI.

Known problems

  • Significantly louder Dirac filter (louder Dirac ON than Dirac OFF) than with Dirac Live 3.4.4 on some NAD devices.

  • The subwoofer outputs don’t get sound with" Dirac On" on some NAD devices. We therefore recommend NAD users to stay with Dirac Live 3.4.4 until we have fixed that problem.

  • To downgrade from 3.5.1 (or higher) to 3.4.4 (or lower), users need to manually uninstall the higher version before installing the lower version.

  • Windows:
    Go to Windows Settings → Apps → Installed apps → Dirac Live → … → Uninstall

  • MacOS:
    Running the "Maintenance Tool" /Applications/Dirac/maintenancetool will uninstall the Dirac Live application

  • Filter export takes about 1 minute longer than with Dirac Live 3.4.4 on Onkyo/Pioneer/Integra devices, but it completes eventually, so please have some extra patience.



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