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Dirac Live Bass ControlDirac Live 3.6.5 Software Changelog
Dirac Live Bass Control

Dirac Live Bass Control

Dirac Live 3.6.5 Software Changelog

Known problems

  • NAD devices get a significantly louder Dirac filter (louder Dirac ON than Dirac OFF) than with Dirac Live 3.4.4 We therefore recommend NAD users to stay with Dirac Live 3.4.4 until we have fixed that problem.

  • To downgrade from 3.5.1 (or higher) to 3.4.4 (or lower), users need to manually uninstall the higher version before installing the lower version.

  • Windows: Go to Windows Settings → Apps → Installed apps → Dirac Live → … → Uninstall

  • macOS: Running /Applications/Dirac/maintenancetool will uninstall the Dirac Live application

  • Filter export takes about 2 minutes longer than with Dirac Live 3.4.4 on Onkyo/Pioneer/Integra devices, but it completes eventually, so please have some extra patience.


  • Active Room Treatment is now officially included for availability with supported devices.

  • Splash screen changed from "Dirac Live 3" to just "Dirac Live", thereby toning down importance of app version number when actually the connected device's capabilities are more relevant to the available feature set.

  • Dirac Live Bass Control features have changed labels in the Technology Selection panel:

    • "BC: Upmix only" → "Bass management"

    • "BC: Full optimisation" → "Bass Control"

  • Technology labels have been added in the left side panel filter slots:

    • RC = Dirac Live (Room Correction)

    • BM = Dirac Live with standard bass management crossovers

    • BC = Bass Control

    • ART = Active Room Treatment

  • More measurements than the required number for a seating configuration can now be added - either by just clicking "Measure" when the original mic positions have been filled, or, by clicking the "+" icon to create additional generic mic positions.

  • Measurements identified as imprecise will be highlighted. Therefore, a user can choose to re-take the measurement. With imprecise measurements present the output will be limited to only use minimum-phase filters.

  • The EULA is now also available in the About menu.


  • In some cases, loading a project caused an error message with incorrect description.

  • The Dirac Live application crashed when switching between snapshots with different channel groupings.

  • Connecting certain microphones could sometimes cause the app to crash.

  • The microphone gain limits could sometimes show the wrong values after switching the selected microphone.

  • Loudspeaker icons in Volume Calibration view showed the wrong symbol for "unknown" speaker types.

  • Autosave projects did not work with some devices (reported on some Arcam and miniDSP devices).



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