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Dirac Live Bass ControlDirac Live 3.10.3 Software Changelog
Dirac Live Bass Control

Dirac Live Bass Control

Dirac Live 3.10.3 Software Changelog


  • Improved the measurement qualification algorithm to more reliably detect occasional data loss in the recording.

  • To improve the quality of measurements with microphones connected to Windows PCs, WASAPI Exclusive Mode will be activated by default in some cases.

  • To control whether Exclusive Mode is used or not in your case, and thereby override the default behavior, please follow these steps:

  1. Click the Windows button, type “env”, and hit Enter

  2. Click the "Environment Variables..." button

  3. Click the "New..." button under "User variables for <user>" (or select DAUDIO_WASAPI_NON_EXCLUSIVE and click “Edit…” if it already exists)

  4. Enter Variable name: DAUDIO_WASAPI_NON_EXCLUSIVE

  5. Variable value "OFF" = Exclusive Mode enabled

  6. Variable value "ON" = Exclusive Mode disabled (the old behavior)

  7. Click “OK”

  8. Restart the Dirac Live application

  9. Verify that it is possible to complete a calibration.

  • Added menu option to refresh licenses so that a newly purchased license can be used without restarting the application

  • Logging Operating System version number information to correlate with measurement problems


  • Fixed a system error when modifying large ART projects

  • Fixed a bug in ART filter design where the low end of the support range setting did not override the default detected range of the main loudspeaker in a channel group

  • Fixed a crash on Windows and Mac if microphone access has not been granted by the user when entering the Select Microphone view

  • Fixed a problem where the WAV file dump of the last recording was clipped due to conversion to fixed point - it now supports floating point data

  • Several minor UI glitches were fixed on both desktop and mobile app versions

Known problems

  • Filter export to devices from Onkyo/Integra/Pioneer take longer time than usual, but it eventually completes.

  • This release will unfortunately not install on MacOS 12 or older. We are working on a resolution of this problem. In the meantime, users of these older systems are recommended to stay on Dirac Live version 3.9.7, available here:

  • The Dirac Live application can crash when selecting Bass Control in a loaded project if the speaker group indexing has changed on the device as compared to when the project was saved. Workaround is to either not use Bass Control with that project or to re-take the measurements.

  • Older Windows 10 PCs may have problems with the app not displaying properly.


  1. Press the Windows button or the search field, type "env" and press Enter

  2. Click the “Environment Variables…” button

  3. Click the “New…” button under “User variables for <user>“

  4. Enter the following:
    Variable value: 1

  5. Click “OK".

  6. Restart the Dirac Live application.



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