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Dirac Live Bass ControlDirac Live 2.2.0 Software Changelog
Dirac Live Bass Control

Dirac Live Bass Control

Dirac Live 2.2.0 Software Changelog


  • dB labels in volume calibration
    All sliders and VU meter level bars have numeric labels showing min, max and current dB values.

  • High-contrast themes
    The user can switch between a bright and a dark high-contrast theme in addition to the existing low-contrast theme. The application defaults to one of the high-contrast themes.

  • Manual IP
    The option to manually enter the IP address of a device to connect to has been added.

  • Support for separate and independent recording devices
    Dirac Live now supports using recording devices on the same network in addition to microphones connected to the active device or local computer.

  • Project name in application title bar
    The name of the most recently loaded or saved project is provided in the top area (“title bar”) of the application.

  • Auto-save project
    The program is automatically saved to an autosave file (one file per device) after each measurement and every time a new filter has been calculated.

  • Warning about unsaved changes
    The user is warned if there are changes to measurements or filter design when exiting the program or loading a project, and will have to confirm the action.

  • Load project from command-line
    A project filename can be provided as a command-line argument to be loaded when the corresponding device is selected.


  • Better fit for localized texts
    The interface will adjust to accommodate the length of localized texts for improved readability and presentation.

  • Loud volume timeout indicator
    The safety lock for the loud playback master volume slider in the volume calibration step now has a visual indicator showing time remaining until the slider is re-locked.

  • Visibly interactive channel groups
    The interactivity of the channel groups in filter design has been made more discoverable and visible.

  • Removed the asterisk from recording devices
    The ✱ (asterisk) icon that indicated a default device has been removed from the recording device cards in the select recording device step.

  • Selected success toasts are persistent
    Notifications for successfully measured a position or exporting a filter will not time out and must be manually dismissed.


  • Improved the descriptions of some confusing error messages (issue 142)

  • Fixed crash when disconnected from network (issue 166)

  • Fixed crash when attempting to load a target curve from a .txt file that did not contain target curve data (issue 228)

  • Fixed that the impulse and magnitude responses were not visible after a position is re-measured (issue 243)

  • Fixed that some texts did not fit inside their widget areas at larger text sizes (issue 254)

  • Fixed a ski-jump ramp behaviour in the target curve close to the high frequency curtain (issue 260)

  • Clarified the sample rate information (issue 274)

  • Fixed that microphones connected through a USB dongle on a Mac computer were not detected as recording endpoints (issue 279)

  • Fixed incorrect message that the microphone had been disconnected (issue 282)

  • Fixed problems when logging in to account when already in an anonymous session using an Arcam device (issue 287)

  • Fixed that the log-in page became locked when there was an error during an attempted log-in (issue 294)

  • Fixed a startup crash on Mac when CoreAudio reported zero input and output channels (issue 302)

  • Relaxed screening restrictions to allows devices with an empty friendly name field (issue 324)

  • Fixed crash bug when exporting filters to Arcam or NAD T758 devices (issue 370)

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