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Dirac Live Active Room TreatmentDirac Live 3.8.2 Software Changelog
Dirac Live Active Room Treatment

Dirac Live Active Room Treatment

Dirac Live 3.8.2 Software Changelog


  • Error handling: More detailed event and error logging, including detection of missing recording data in Windows Audio Session API (WASAPI)

  • More useful notification messages for handling imprecise measurements

  • Handled a situation where a misconfigured device was allowed to be measured but eventually failed when exporting the filter, resulting in: “Filter can’t be saved to device (error 9999)”. Dirac Live will now instead show an error message already when attempting to connect to a misconfigured device.

  • Changed how the measurement microphone gain is displayed in the Volume Calibration page for macOS systems lacking hardware gain settings.


  • Fixed an error where Dirac Live filters supporting high-resolution audio applied the wrong gain

  • Fixed an error where Dirac Live filters with minimum-phase properties could lose part of their coefficients during conversion to certain filter DSP topologies. This error may have affected users with devices from StormAudio, Denon, and Marantz, particularly if they were having problems with imprecise measurements.

  • Fixed a few minor graphical glitches.

Known problems

  • The subwoofer outputs don’t get sound with" Dirac On" on some NAD devices. We therefore recommend NAD users, except those using the M66 to stay with Dirac Live 3.4.4 until we have fixed that problem.

  • To downgrade from 3.5.1 (or higher) to 3.4.4 (or lower), users need to manually uninstall the higher version before installing the lower version.

  • Windows:
    Go to Windows Settings → Apps → Installed apps → Dirac Live → … → Uninstall

  • MacOS:
    Running the "Maintenance Tool" /Applications/Dirac/maintenancetool will uninstall the Dirac Live application

  • Filter export takes about 1 minute longer than with Dirac Live 3.4.4 on Onkyo/Pioneer/Integra devices, but it completes eventually, so please have some extra patience.

  • Filter export takes longer time on all devices, due to more calculations and checks being made during filter conversion for each speaker.



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