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Dirac Live Active Room TreatmentDirac Live 2.2.3 Software Changelog
Dirac Live Active Room Treatment

Dirac Live Active Room Treatment

Dirac Live 2.2.3 Software Changelog


  • Number of plot points in filter design graph have been increased

  • Warn user if project has too few measurements

  • Warn user when loading a project saved with a more recent version than currently used


  • “Unknown error 11(11) the file might be corrupted when loading a project” or “Failure reading project file” after updating to BluOS 3.4.13

  • “An error with code 2 (invalid argument) occurred when initializing filter export” after updating to BluOS 3.4.13

  • Corrected curve does not follow target curve for single channels

  • Blurry GUI for some users on macOS Mojave

  • Crash after loading a project and getting “DataIntegrity: Serialisation error”

  • Crash when selecting “Retry with low quality settings” after making measurements

  • Messages after fw update (UUID change) made more user friendly

  • Empty error dialogue and application freeze when loading a project without umik connected

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